Carlsbad – Roberts Residence

Carlsbad – Roberts Residence

  • Front & side yards
  • Slope
  • Turf removal

This property is a sloped corner lot on a busy street. The client is very busy so low maintenance is important. Client wishlist: turf removal , a modern look with linear design elements, a private courtyard with a filtered view of the outside garden; and screening from passing traffic.

This landscape renovation was done in phases. The 1st phase consisted of planting the steeply sloped sideyard along the street with waterwise plants that work well with root competition from a number of mature trees. The 2nd phase involved removing the front lawn and extending the plant theme from the sideyard around to the front yard. A modern fence and pony wall were installed to create a sense of privacy and enclosure while maintaining some views. Large poured-in-place concrete pavers, decomposed granite and gravel were used to create a modern rustic ground plane. An olive tree was sited in the front streetside corner to grow in, creating lush screening and a barrier from the headlights of passing cars. Lots of conebush and grevillea, as well as succulents such as blue chalksticks, aeonium, calandrinia and bulbine, fill this garden with year-round color without a lot of maintenance.

Before & After Photos

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