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The Light Location

With a fervor that rivals the heyday of houseplants decades ago, new generations are accenting living rooms, bedrooms, home offices and even baths with greenery. Think of it as “interiorscaping,” says best-selling author Barbara Pleasant in The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual. “Plants are moving indoors as living art—and more.” “Lush plants bring interiors to life,” says Samantha Owens who’s helped a growing number of customers select in-home greenery and sleek containers at her Encinitas nursery, Barrels & Branches.

“Houseplants help purify the air. They make us feel good. People are hungry for that.” If you’re adding houseplants to help create a beautiful interior for your home, you’ll need to know what growing conditions are perfect for the particular plants you like—and the key to success with houseplants is placing them in locations that provide them with their needed amount of light.


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