Design & Installation

Design & Installation

Garden Design & Installation Services

In addition to offering our clients the resources and collective experience behind our nursery, we also provide services to help build beautiful, sustainable gardens.  These services include:

Consultation — Garden Design — Plant List — Plant Placement — Lawn Removal — Clean-Up and Debris Removal — Garden Installation — Out-of-Town Service — Delivery

From small patios to multi-acre estates, we are happy to help everyone achieve the garden they have in mind.


The first step in our garden design process is a consultation.  This is an opportunity for you to consult with one of our landscape designers at your home.  This time will allow us to determine the unique needs of you and your garden space first-hand.  There is no substitute for an in-person review of everything from sun exposure, condition of existing landscaping, pest and disease issues, irrigation, hardscape, and more.  For those who are looking for gardening advice, this session may be just what’s needed to provide some inspiration or answer whatever gardening questions you might have.  NOTE:  a consultation is a dialogue between client and designer lasting up to an hour, and does not include a landscape drawing, plant list or installation.  We are currently running 4 weeks out for consultations.  For consultation rates, please call us at 760-753-2852 or send us a message.

Garden Design

If you are hiring us to create a garden design for you, the consultation is followed by a scheduled 30 minute post-consultation meeting at our nursery where your designer will review with you the palette of plant choices suited to the particular needs of you and your garden.  Considering soil amendments and pest control products may be included.  A proposal will be available outlining materials and labor costs, and once a client deposit is received, the installation can be scheduled.  NOTE:  we are currently running 3-4 months out due to projects that have been scheduled prior to your project.  To schedule a landscape consultation, please call us at 760-753-2852 or send us a message.

We have garden designers on staff who can work with you to ascertain exactly what is needed to turn your yard into a beautiful landscape.  Working with an expert allows for the best possible outcome in selecting the right plant for the right place.  Our designers are able to hone the vision and practical needs of you and your garden with reliable results, saving time and money.

Garden Clean-up

Your home is perhaps the largest investment you’ll make.  A beautiful landscape can increase the value of your home by 10-15%.  Protect your investment by properly maintaining your garden.  Let our experts take care of your garden.  Schedule a periodic clean-up (every quarter, once or twice a year) that includes mowing, raking, pruning, integrated pest management, fertilizing, and debris removal.  You can request any of the following options during your clean-up:

  • Potted plants:  application of organic liquid fertilizer (monthly)
  • Flowering shrubs/trees:  fertilization to encourage flowering and overall health
  • Turf fertilization:  nitrogen fertilizer application stimulates turf growth
  • Turf aeration:  typically done yearly to increase root health and promote water absorption
  • Citrus treatment:  tree cleaning, treatment with NEEM oil, Spinosad and/or BT Worm Killer as needed, application of citrus fertilizer
  • Irrigation system check:  in cooler months when most plants are resting or dormant, plants may require less water.  In warmer months when most plants are in their growing season, plants may need more water.  Heat, wind, and longer days contribute to the need for more water as well.  At least twice a year, for example winter and summer, automatic irrigation schedules should be adjusted accordingly.  Your irrigation system should be checked periodically for water distribution, percolation and proper drainage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a consultation?
Whether you are a DIY-er and prefer to do as much gardening yourself as you can, you just need some design guidance or gardening advice, or you need an entire landscape planned and installed, every client can benefit from a consultation.  This on-site meeting between you and one of our designers allows for the assessment of your property, review of any environmental issues, needs, wants and concerns, budget, timeline, and allows for a discussion of design ideas, plant suggestions, etc.  We can provide help in refining your existing ideas or bring new ones to the table.

How do I know if I need a landscape design?
While there are many suggestions our sales staff can make while you shop, it is difficult to help someone create a consistent design for an entire garden sight unseen.  The advantage of working with a designer at your property is that we can assess all aspects of your yard and understand the details of the space.  The designer is able to hone the vision and practical needs of the garden and the client with reliable results, saving time and money.

Why might I purchase a plant list vs. a design?
If you’re a DIY gardener, you may just need assistance choosing plants to fulfill a particular look you’re working towards or to do well in a specific micro-climate in your yard.  Purchasing a plant list allows this type of gardener the opportunity to get some assistance but still retain control over their landscape.

I’m someone who enjoys spending time working in my garden.  What can you offer me?
Even the most seasoned gardener can find themselves falling behind on various gardening tasks.  We can provide a garden clean-up at whatever frequency you desire.  This might include major pruning, tree/shrub/plant removal, soil amendment, irrigation system check, etc.  A spring seasonal garden clean-up could include fertilizing fruit trees and planting herbs and veggies.  A summer garden clean-up might include integrated pest management since the warm weather brings about a proliferation of pests and diseases.  A fall clean-up could prepare the garden for its dormant period and might include pruning back summer growth, debris removal, mulching, and the addition of some small plants for additional color as the garden starts to quiet down.

What is Out-of-Town Service?
For those times you are on vacation or on extended work travel, we can handle irrigation of the garden and potted plants.  This service can be very helpful if you’ve had a recent installation of young plants that need to remain moist while their root systems develop, or during hot or windy weather when plants dry out faster than normal.  It’s nice to know someone is checking in on your garden during your absence.

Can you special order a plant for me?
We are no longer offering this service.  If you give us the name of the plant you’re seeking as well as your name and contact information, we contact you if that plant comes in.

Did you find too many great plants and pots to fit in your car?
We offer delivery to most areas in North County.  Please inquire about our delivery fees at our cashier booth.

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